Workshop: Your role as a Product Leader: why are you so busy?

Session Description
As a Product Leader, you are always busy – there are meetings to attend, interviews with candidates to run and teams to manager. You are busy, but are you productive and happy with how you invest your time and focus?

This workshop will be a safe space to review responsibilities of your role, reflect on how you are spending your time and identify the biggest opportunity you have to create stronger outcomes.

Speaker Bio
Viktoria is a Product Manager with Neuroscience research background. She led teams and grew communities, streamlined processes, managed high-impact initiatives. Viktoria has experience with B2B and B2C products in mobility (WeShare), digital health (Doctorly, EBF Tomorrow Biostasis), travel (Omio), edtech (Elucidat), cybersecurity (Perseus), real estate (scout24), logistics (HAVI), social media (Blue Boat app).