Workshop: Defining a product strategy in times of uncertainty

Session Description

The goal of this workshop is to enhance your perspective on your current challenges and uncertainty related to your product strategy. We will work with a powerful constellation tool to visualize your challenges. Afterward, we will form breakout groups where you pair up with other CPOs. You’ll pitch the challenges that you’ve identified and your peers will coach/consult you on how they would solve the challenges.

What we will cover:

  • Dealing with uncertainty (being reactive vs. proactive)

What we will do:

  • Constellation work to visualize current challenges/uncertainty/unknown/risks
  • Perspective change by analyzing the challenges of the other peers
  • Breakout sessions to explain your personal challenges and evaluate potential solutions with your peers
  • Getting feedback, coaching, and advice from other CPOs
  • Identifying takeaways and defining action item


Speaker Bio

Christian Strunk, Product Strategy Coach.

Christian works with Product Leaders in start-ups & grown-ups and focus on vision & strategy definition as well as leadership development.

Currently, Christian is becoming a psychotherapist to deepen his understanding of human nature and better help leaders in their professional & personal development.