Workshop: Effective roadmap communication and getting buy-in from stakeholders

Session Description

The goal of this workshop is to help you get a different view of the way you communicate your product roadmap or product plans to stakeholders. This will be done by breaking down your product roadmap(s) into an elevator pitch.

Afterward, you’ll be challenged by your peers who will represent people from other departments or roles in breakout groups (round robin).

What we will cover:

  • The value of roadmap communication (benefits & downsides)

What we will do:

  • Breaking down your roadmap into an elevator pitch
  • Breakout groups
  • Pitching the roadmap & getting feedback
  • Changing roles/perspectives (roleplay to better understand stakeholder needs)
  • Final group discussion to talk about learnings & action items + buddy system

Speaker Bio

Christian Strunk, Product Strategy Coach.

Christian works with Product Leaders in start-ups & grown-ups and focus on vision & strategy definition as well as leadership development.

Currently, Christian is becoming a psychotherapist to deepen his understanding of human nature and better help leaders in their professional & personal development.