Keynote: Product(-led) is the New Marketing

Session Description
As more and more of the world is digitally transformed, marketing practices are changing. New browser cookie restrictions and privacy regulations are making it more difficult than ever to quantify the success of marketing efforts. In addition, consumers are overloaded with too many marketing messages across too many channels. Marketing must evolve or die.
The challenges faced by marketers has spawned a new approach – product-led growth. Whether you are in B2B or B2C, many of the leading organizations have found that product-led growth is the future of marketing.
In this session, Adam Greco will:
  • Share his perspective on the changes marketers are facing
  • Explain why product-led growth has become so popular for both B2B and B2C organizations
  • Walk through how your organization can adopt product-led growth practices
Speaker Bio
Adam Greco, Product Evangelist, Amplitude
Adam Greco is one of the leaders of the digital marketing analytics industry. As one of the earliest customers and employees at Omniture, he has helped thousands of organizations improve their digital properties through the use of data. Adam has blogged extensively about digital marketing analytics and authored the preeminent book on Adobe Analytics. Adam has served as a board member to several digital analytics organizations and has won several awards from the Digital Analytics Association. Adam is currently a product evangelist for Amplitude where he helps leading organizations strategize around using data to accelerate growth.