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The European Product Conference 2022


The European Product Conference 2022 was an online event that took place on July 12, 2022.

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  • Amplitude is The Digital Optimization System.
  • With their trademark behavioral graph innovation, they sort through millions of seemingly random actions, to:
    • Instantly find patterns of Customer Behaviour. Every click and interaction is input from your customers telling you what they need and why they need it.
    • Predict outcomes and adapt experiences, to increase Customer Engagement, Growth, and Loyalty.
  • Attendees of this conference can apply for one year of Amplitude, for free, at this link:
  • Amplitude Demo Hub:


Agenda (BST)

5.00pm-5.20pm: Intro / “Scaleup Founder” Fireside Chat

A 1-1 Fireside Chat about What Digital Optimisation is, how Spenser grew his business from start-up, to unicorn, to a public company, in less than 10 years and why he believes that focusing on digital products is the next big growth opportunity for businesses in “the roaring 20’s”.

5.20pm-5.40pm: Panel Discussion #1

Topics will include Product leadership, Growth Strategy and Product Mindset / Mentality / Thinking.

5.40pm-6.00pm: Presentation

6.00-6.15pm: Product Evangelist Presentation

6.15pm-6.30pm: Rapid Fire Talks

6.30pm-6.45pm: “Why Marketing Analytics are also valuable for the Product team (and vice versa)

6.45pm: Event Conclusion